BMW Rental

3 Passengers And 3 Luggage
Complimentary Water And Hand Sanitizer 

BMW Rental

We provide our passengers with a good speed and performance!

If you have in New York City and want to relax your mind from stress, we suggest you travel in a luxury car. The team members of JJ Luxury Limo work on repairing, replacing, and maintaining the parts of the cars. BMW Rental NYC implements additional measures to clean and disinfect our vehicles. J J Luxury limo offers three main qualities, professionalism, comfort, and reliability. BMW cars comprise infotainment systems, a Wi-Fi connection, and the Android and Apple Carplay.

 The BMW has leather seats with tinted windows to offer passengers privacy and protect against UV rays. We do not use low-quality tint since it fades off much quicker and costs you additional money. The tinted windows lower the temperature of the cars, which is a great way to stay more comfortable while traveling in it. 


We install a rear-view mirror and a premium speakers system. J J Luxury limo offers a way for passengers to travel in comfort, style, and security. You do not need to travel with safety issues because we hire trustworthy and experienced drivers. JJ Luxury Limo emphasizes the maintenance of the car and its safety. We believe uneven tire pressure is a major and commonly faced maintenance problem. We also train our drivers to maintain extra space between your car and the car ahead. Our drivers follow special instructions issued by the rental service during bad weather conditions. Our trained, professional drivers for the we focus on wiping the interior with the recommended disinfectant. They clean the steering column, wheel, cup holders, seats, compartments, and the dashboard to make the passengers feel comfortable while traveling. 

We offers services from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 7 pm. On Saturdays and Sundays, we offer our services for BMW car rentals from 11 am to 5 pm. To make reservations for renting a  bmw, you can email at You can contact us through our number, +1347 265 5336, to get some information about our cars, drivers, or Covid SOPs to experience a safe ride with JJ Luxury Limo. We offer our passengers hand sanitizers and complimentary water bottles to give them the most satisfying customer service. JJ Luxury Limo would suggest the passengers wear their masks for safety purposes.